Why Us?

A Passion for Affordability Drives Us

Desjoyaux Pools is the largest supplier of inground swimming pools in the world. In 1966 swimming pools were only for the rich and the elite but Jean Desjoyaux wanted to make pools more affordable and available.  Developing unique filter and wall systems along with the other 60 patents awarded, Jean Desjoyaux changed the way pools are made and installed.  When you buy one of our pools, you aren’t just buying a pool, you are buying into a patented technology that has been proven in over 240,000 pools around the world.

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What Sets Us Apart?

In 1978  Desjoyaux Pools patented the active casing wall structure.  The forms for the walls are made with recycled plastic and can be configured to make any size or shape pool.  The casings are filled with concrete and poured with the floor creating monolithic concrete structure that is both strong and completely customizable.

Tiled Wall Structure
Pool walls circa 1966
Concrete Pool Walls
Active casing pool walls filled with concrete
PFI Water Flow
Mono-block pipeless filtration
Traditional pool filter piping

In 1983 Desjoyaux Pools patented the pipeless filtration system.  With the filter and pump part of the pool wall, filtering is more efficient, energy consumption is greatly reduced, and leaking pipes are non-existent.  

Compared to a traditional pool with hundreds of feet of pipe, the Desjoyaux system is less costly, easier to install, more energy efficient, and uses less chemicals.  Of course, leaky pipes that are extremely hard to find, and even more expensive to fix, are non existent with a Desjoyaux System. 

Filtration Test

Customers often ask us how well does our filter system clean the water?  The answer is faster, more efficiently, and with better results than a traditional sand filter.

The dots in the pool represent test points during a filtration test.  The water circulated to all the red dots (on the surface) in 12 minutes and to all the blue dots (in the deep end) in 25 minutes.  A traditional pool filter system took over 45 minutes to do the same thing with 4 times the energy cost. 

Finally, sand filters in a traditional pool clean the water to only about 50 microns.  The Desjoyaux Filter system clean down to 6 microns with less cost and no backwashing which removes treated water from the pool.

70% of pool cleanliness is from the mechanical filtration of the water and 30%  is from the water chemistry.  Desjoyaux filter bags can filter at 3 levels- 30 microns, 15 microns and 6 microns.  The smaller the number, the smaller the gap between the individual strands of filter media, and the cleaner the water.  These 3 different options give the customer greater flexibility over the traditional sand filter that filters only down to about 60 microns.  Sand filter have only about 55% of the surface area (the key factor for filtration) of a Desjoyaux filter bag, making the Desjoyaux system a better choice. 

Desjoyaux filter bag on stand
Sand filter with booster pump