It's Time to Build Your Pool

Click on any of the videos to see the various stages of construction.  While this series was made in Europe, the process is identical for the US market, but with US materials and some minor construction differences.

This video shows the basic layout and excavation of the pool.  Once dug to the proper depth, the blocks are set at the same height to ensure the walls are plumb and level.

This video shows the walls being built using the active wall casing.  The floor and walls have rebar rods, rebar mesh and rebar pins tied together not only providing a strong structure, but also continuous electrical bond all the way around the pool.  Once the pool walls are set, they are leveled and  made plumb by use of braces, which are concreted in to provide stability to the walls during concrete pouring.

This is the big day at the pool, pouring concrete.  Once the pool walls are set, level, and plumb, and the bonding has been inspected, the concrete is poured.

After 3-4 days for the concrete to set, the pool can be backfilled around the overdig.  This will set the finish grade for the pool and surrounding deck.

The coping (the border that surrounds the pool) is installed.  Shown here is Desjoyaux coping, but almost any coping is compatible.

Depending on the type of coping chosen, a concrete base may be best, especially to prevent the deck from settling and creating uneven decking surfaces.

Once the base is prepared, the deck can be put down.  Shown in this video is Desjoyaux decking stones, but any decking stone can be used.

Here is a time-lapse membrane installation.  Typically, this would take several days to complete based on size and shape of the pool.  The waterproofing membrane is custom fit on-site to ensure a beautiful result.