Don’t wait, get started now!  Pools can be built any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen solid.  If you want to be ready for the start of swim season, start in late fall of the year.

Pools typically start around $35,000 and go up from there.  The price is driven by size, shape, and depth; personalization of the pool (tanning ledges, spas, type of stairs, etc); and the area around the pool (decking, retaining walls, hardscapes, etc.).

A Desjoyaux pool usually takes 5-6 weeks after we receive permits from local building authority.  Of course, weather and the complexity of the pool and the surrounding area will add time.

Absolutely, 95% of the pools we build are saltwater.  There really aren’t any options that you could want that cannot be added to a Desjoyaux pool.

The cost to maintain a pool is very dependent on the size.  However, budgeting between $35 and $85  during the summer months is about right.  Either way, it is much less than other pool types. 

Absolutely, yes.  One advantage of the Desjoyaux system is that we not only renovate, but often change the shape, updating tired stairs, unusable shapes, and damaged or ugly decking.

Desjoyaux does not directly offer financing but has strong partnerships with the industry leaders in pool build financing.  We will help you get started with the right company for your financing needs.

Generally, yes.  Of course all designs have to meet national and local codes and standards.

National Pool Code requires a fence around your pool.  There are some very specific requirements and we can help you get what is code compliant, looks good, and is within your budget.

Contact us by phone, social media, or our contact page and we can direct you to one of our certified dealers in your area.