The Desjoyaux Story

Jean-Louis, Catherine, and Pierre-Louis, Desjoyaux, circa 1966

Established in 1966

Jean Desjoyaux was a commercial tile mason who wanted to build a pool for his 3 small children at their summer house in the south of France.  Once it was complete, the neighbors wanted one, then the other neighbors wanted one, and as they say, the rest is history.

After having installed block wall pools covered in tiles, wood wall pools, fiberglass pools, gunite pools, Jean knew there was a better way.  In 1978 the active casing concrete wall structured was patented and in 1983 the patented mono-block pipeless filtration unit was brought to market.

Growth over the past 50 years has led Desjoyaux to be in over 80 countries supporting over 400 dealers, and with over 225,000 pools installed.  Truly, the world’s pool builder.

Key Dates
Desjoyaux Factory

Desjoyaux Pools in France has over 1 million square feet of manufacturing space.  Desjoyaux makes everything at the factory from the pool walls and filters  to decorative coping for around the pool, and many of the parts found in our system.  Much of the manufacturing is automated with robots and computer controlled machines ensuring repeatability, speed and outstanding quality control.

Desjoyaux Manufacturing