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Now you can build an inground swimming pool that reflects your style, personal values and regard for the environment. If you've been considering adding the beauty of an inground swimming pool to your
home, or if you're renovating an existing pool, then you understand the tough choices you face among traditional concrete and fiberglass pools. Desjoyaux Pools removes the environmental and structural trade-offs associated with other pool builders through a modern, innovative approach that builds beauty and eco-consciousness right into the design.

You'll love the way your pool looks and feels. You'll appreciate its durability. Above all, you'll live without regret thanks to Desjoyaux's ecofriendly construction and resource-saving technology.

  • All Desjoyaux pools incorporate 100% recycled materials into the inground pool structure.
  • You choose the shape, size and design of your unique pool.
  • Our pipeless filtration system reduces energy and water use. Plus it's easy to clean, low maintenance and quieter than traditional filters.
  • If you don't like chlorine, choose a filter that doesn't require harsh chemicals.
  • Desjoyaux pools install faster and more efficiently than other pools and are backed with unprecedented warranties.

Discover what the rest of the world already knows. The worry-free pleasure of owning a Desjoyaux pool.

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Desjoyaux recognized
as "Best of the Best"

Watch as Best of the Best: Home Improvement host, Rich Noonan features Desjoyaux as "one of the most reliable pools in the world."

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