Swimming Pool Warranty


When you purchase a Desjoyaux Pool, you invest in a time-tested product, trusted by customers in 75 countries, with strength and durability backed by some of the best warranties in the swimming pool industry.

Lifetime  “Desjoyaux Structural Walls” Warranty

The Desjoyaux structure is an active polypropylene casing filled with steel reinforced concrete. The Desjoyaux structure is self-supporting and non-corrosive and offers the highest resistance to frost and ground movements. Desjoyaux Pools’ patented wall structure is so strong that we offer unprecedented warranties.

10-Year “Desjoyaux 9’ Roman Stair” Warranty

Stairs are an important part of your pool enjoyment. That’s why we designed a unique 9’ Roman injection molded stair, a true technological “tour de force” with a superb finish. This cutting-edge technology allows the same material and density all the way through for maximum quality. We are so confident in its durability we back it with a 10 year warranty.

10-Year “Desjoyaux Filtration System” Warranty

A revolutionary pipe-free Filtration System that eliminates plumbing for peace-of-mind and energy savings. The Desjoyaux filtration also offers unique therapeutic features and resistance swimming capability with filter elements down to 6 microns. We offer a 10 year warranty on the Filtration System’s structure and the largest Pump warranty in the industry, 2 full years.

10-Year “Desjoyaux 60 Mil. Liner” Warranty
20-Year Prorated Vynall Vinyl 20 Mil. Liner & 25 Year Desjoyaux 28 Mil. Liner Warranty
5-Year Installation Warranty

Please consult our complete warranties to learn all the terms and conditions associated with Desjoyaux products as well as some restrictions and limitations. These warranties are only available in the USA. For complete information on Desjoyaux Pools products consult your nearest Desjoyaux franchisee.