What our clients Have to say...
  • “This has been a process of 8 years. We talked to numerous companies – some of them very good – But we also felt kind of expensive. And we really didn’t like the setup.

    The whole thing with Desjoyaux was the setup of the pool – how they re-enforce the walls – self-contained – pump – everything together – which made it very outstanding. They try to keep it a little bit affordable for everyone so they can stay within your budget. They worked with us – we added things – took things away – so we could get to where we wanted to spend and get what we wanted.”

    Melissa & Andy Brown

  • “We hired Desjoyaux Pools to install a 25×25 in ground pool with salt water system. They were professional and reasonably priced in our market/area and have a great pool system that takes the best parts of a liner and a concrete pool and merges them together. Our pool wasn’t finished until about 2 weeks before cold weather set in so we didn’t get to use it much but the little that we did use it, it was AWESOME! They did a great job of explaining how to clean and maintain and left us with enough materials and supplies to get us started. We did have some problems with the panel/salt system that needed maintenance already but that is not the fault of Desjoyaux, but they did cover it all under warranty and took care of it with no problems.”


  • “We were among the first customers and selected this pool company based on construction, innovation, choice of options, cost, and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    The project was more difficult than normal due to tight construction area and our desire to keep as many trees as possible, and some corrections had to be made along the way, but the company was always responsive and the final project came out beautifully. We have enjoyed our heated pool year round since early 2011. Biggest negative was the extra long time-frame to complete the project.

    Overall, highly recommended and great team!”


  • “Mr. Knelson provided pool closing services and light repair for us in November. He also installed our pool! From the start I knew we were dealing with a professional organization as he was in constant contact even prior to the work date. Everything was done perfectly and he also made repairs to an item the previous company missed. Thank you Ron and we will definitely being using them on our next project in March! You can’t go wrong give them a call!”