Swimming Pool Renovation Services


Love your existing pool again without tearing it up or resurfacing with plaster. Let Desjoyaux’s advanced technology bring your old-school pool into the modern age.

Waterproofing Membrane

We’ll professionally install a 60 MIL waterproofing membrane of non-toxic high polymer reinforced with polyester mesh and UV stabilized.

  • Custom-fitted and heat-welded on site
  • Remains flexible throughout its life span
  • No more leaks, resurfacing, painting, patching or acid-washing
  • Highly resistant to algae formation
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions and UV rays
  • A smooth, soft surface for added comfort
  • Lower chemical use
Retrofit Pipeless Filtration

Our pipeless filtration retrofit gives you Desjoyaux’s world-renown performance, eliminating plumbing line leaks and obsolete filter systems. Best of all, no more backwashing!

  • Less maintenance and worry
  • Less energy usage and less water loss: save up to 75% on electricity
  • Eliminates the eyesore of pump equipment
  • Quieter operation than traditional filters
  • No expensive DE, sand or cartridges to buy
  • Includes a resistance-swimming and hydrotherapy jet
  • Optional chlorine-free upgrade