Pool Services

Endless Enjoyment, Minimal Fuss


Our customer service doesn’t stop when you dive into your pool. Your local Desjoyaux team is ready to help whenever you need it. Our goal is your complete enjoyment.


Desjoyaux pools are designed to provide carefree enjoyment, but some regular maintenance is required. Your local Desjoyaux team can provide regular service, vacation service or simply help you winterize or start up your pool for the main swimming months. And we stock a full range of products and information to keep your pool pristine.

Free Water Testing

Desjoyaux can provide you with professional water testing expertise whether you own a Desjoyaux pool or not. For a personalized diagnosis, simply bring a sample of your pool’s water to your local Desjoyaux showroom. In just 5 minutes, we will analyze your water with the H20 test laboratory and make treatment recommendations. Our complete stock of pool chemicals treat a range of issues for salt water and chlorinated pools.

Additional Services:
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Repair