Pipeless Filters Pool Equipment


With the Desjoyaux pipeless filter pool, the days of endless backwashing and filter-cleaning maintenance are over. Inspired by outboard boat motors, the exclusive Desjoyaux pipeless filtration system has a completely pipeless design, eliminating costly buried pipe-laying work and reducing the risk of leaks. The unit can straddle the pool wall or be built into the structure.

Integrated Filtration

This all-in-one solution can be installed into the pool structure and gives you additional options like lights, heating, therapeutic bubble jets and even crosscurrent for in-place lap swimming. With several color options your filter becomes an integral part of the pool design.

Surface Mounted Filtration

Our low-profile filtration system eliminates the eyesore and noise of old-school pool filters – and provides superior water quality with less energy usage. Desjoyaux invented and patented this revolutionary filtration system – and is the exclusive worldwide producer and installer.