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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Pools From Desjoyaux Pools

Are the pools in certain shapes and sizes?

While there is a volume discount in the standard shapes (rectangle, square, l-shape) the Desjoyaux Pool can be designed in any size and any shape.

Can I have a vanishing edge?

Yes. The Desjoyaux Pool can be built as an infinity pool.

Can I have salt water instead of chlorine?

Yes. The Desjoyaux Pool can be built as a salt water pool.

How do these pools filter the water with no pipes?

Instead of piping underground, beneath the pool deck and running through your backyard, our pipes are located in our filtration panel which is attached to the pool structure. Instead of hundreds of feet of pipe, we use less than 20′ total in our filter panel, saving energy in filtration.

How is the Desjoyaux Pool different from a standard gunnite pool?

The Desjoyaux Pool has a permanent active casing which means that the pool structure can stand on its own when the concrete is poured. The waterproofing membrane makes the concrete structure waterproof even if the ground shifts and the concrete cracks. When the concrete cracks on a gunnite pool, it also cracks the finish coating and the structure is no longer completely waterproof.

I’ve heard that a vinyl liner is cheap. Why do you recommend yours?

The impression of vinyl liners is such because they are typically installed on light structures with typical filtration. The light structures are cheap, not the liners. The Desjoyaux Pool is a heavy structure pool with a liner of more significant thickness as a waterproofing membrane.

Liners have varying thicknesses and can hold water for periods of 8-10 years and even up to 30 years on the 60 MIL membrane.

In the past, Desjoyaux used traditional waterproofing methods such as tile, fiberglass, coatings, etc. and found that when the ground moved, expanded, froze, it creates cracks in these methods and the pools are no longer waterproof. A vinyl liner is the safest material to keep the structure from leaking for years to come.

Is there a warranty on the pool?

Yes. We have very detailed warranties. Please visit the warranties page for a full explanation.

How long will it take to install my pool?

Under normal working conditions and fair weather, the average pool (16′ x 32′) can be complete in 10-15 working days.

I live near a river. Can I still install a pool in my backyard?

Absolutely! Because the Desjoyaux Pool is a heavy structure pool, we follow specific installation procedures depending on where the water table is and plan for basic to extreme drainage situations.

How often do I need to replace the filter bag?

Filter bags can be replaced every 2-3 years.

I have an old pool that needs a facelift. Can you renovate my pool?

We have several solutions for a pool facelift:

Partial – Structure Leaks:

We can install the 60 MIL waterproofing membrane to waterproof the pool.

Total – Structure Leaks and Filtration Problems:

We can install the 60 MIL waterproofing membrane to waterproof the pool and retrofit the pool with either the over the wall pipeless filtration unit or even the integrated unit in some cases.

Why invest in a pool for your home? We all know that adding value to your house is done by renovating kitchens and bathrooms.

People with families are always looking for inexpensive vacations and ways to create family memories; having a backyard retreat with a Desjoyaux Pool accomplishes this. Desjoyaux Pools are an affordable option with the added value of being energy efficient and earth friendly. We save five times on the energy consumption and water consumption as a standard sand filter!  With pipeless filtration, our customer’s energy savings over the course of ten year period pays for the pool.

The pool market in 2010 shows a 3% increase in new pools installed in the US from the previous year and they see an additional 3-5% increase this year (per APSP briefing).  We believe our pool is superior and more innovative than a standard gunnite or fiberglass pool because it is low maintenance and nearly indestructible. If there is ever a problem with the filter, the pool owner will not have to dig into their deck to find the problem; they can just open the hood of their filter unit and solve the problem.  This solves a lot of customer’s headaches and allows for our customers to LIVE WITHOUT REGRET after purchasing our pool.

These are just a few of the reasons why a homeowner would invest in a Desjoyaux pool over our competitors and a major reason why someone will still want a pool, even after hearing horror stories from their neighbors.  The Desjoyaux Pool will add value to the home as it has a lifetime transferable warranty for the next person buying the home.