Custom swimming pools Atlanta

Custom swimming pools Atlanta

When looking for custom swimming pools Atlanta residents need a pool that goes above and beyond to deliver a wonderful experience but minimizes maintenance time and cost as well as limiting water and energy use. Whether it’s lap pools that provide many of the wonderful health benefits linked to swimming or indoor pools that allows year round enjoyment, Desjoyaux Pools can design a completely customized pool that exceeds the family’s needs. Though most custom pool builders in the region will discuss a major amount of regular maintenance and extra water required for the filtration system, residents have found that a Desjoyaux pool provides decades of peaceful enjoyment for Fulton County homes while requiring only minimal time, maintenance and money to remain in operation.

Custom Pool Contractor AtlantaMany custom swimming pools Atlanta homeowners research to find the perfect fit for their home will fall short of the mark. But when working with Desjoyaux Pools, they are provided with a completely customized pool for their enjoyment, because we work with homeowners to design the best size, shape and overall design to bring their visions to life. But in addition to a custom design, our pools use eco-friendly construction of 100% recycled material while reducing energy and water use through our pipeless filtration system and a long lifespan because of it’s long-lasting durability. The pipeless filter is easy to clean, needs a much lower maintenance input than other filters with bag filter replacement every two to three years and is very quiet, allowing you to enjoy your home oasis in peace.

What options do homeowners have? We have filters that allow chlorine alternatives, letting homeowners enjoy a healthy pool without harsh chemicals or irritants. We are able to give a facelift to an existing pool a facelift by replacing the membrane and older filtration systems with our energy efficient, lower maintenance systems. Because we use heavy structure construction, we can install a pool in otherwise impossible places. Our people are the custom pool builders Atlanta metro region homeowners work with when they need a pool that provides more enjoyment in the hot Georgia sun than other builders can offer them while providing a more environmentally friendly design and operation. We provide fast installation, completely custom options, excellent warranties and more efficient operation than any in the region and we help homeowners create a home oasis that offers years of enjoyable regular service.

Enjoy a Low-Maintenance Pool From Desjoyaux Pools

Many homeowners in Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta area face the same challenge each summer: staying cool. With temperatures easily reaching 80, 90, or even 100 degrees during the summer months, spending time outdoors isn’t always so enjoyable. Have you ever considered the option of having a pool built on your property? A swimming pool can be a wonderful way to beat the hear year-round while also getting into better shape. Here at Desjoyaux Pools, our team of custom pool builders Atlanta specializes in providing you the outdoor and indoor pools you want at a fair price.

The Many Health Benefits of Swimming

In addition to keeping cool during the summer months, consider all the health benefits that having a pool at your Fulton County home would afford you. For starters, swimming is an excellent cardiovascular activity, meaning it allows you to get your heart pumping while also burning fat and calories. And because swimming is a resistance exercise, it’s also great for building strength and toning muscles. This is especially true for those wanting to build upper-body strength. Plus, due to the large range of motion required to practice swimming strokes, this activity can also help to improve flexibility.

Finally, swimming is a great low-impact activity for those who want to get a great workout in without putting too much strain on the bones and joints. That’s because the density of water makes your body about 50% (or more) lighter while you’re in your pool.

Custom Pools From Desjoyaux Pools

Aside from providing you with some great health benefits, owning a pool is just plain fun! Whether you’re interested in lap pools, indoor pools, outdoor pools, or anything in between, our team of custom pool builders Atlanta can help you. At Desjoyaux Pools, we specialize in building pools that are low maintenance, highly durable, and built with the environment in mind. In fact, we proudly incorporate 100% recycled materials into to the inground pools we build in Georgia. We also use an eco-friendly, pipe-less filtration system that reduces energy and water use while saving you time on maintenance.

If you’re interested in having a pool built on your property, we encourage you to give us a call today at 404-947-6435 or fill out our convenient online contact form. Our team of custom pool builders Atlanta would love to assist you and answer any questions you may have.