About Us

When Jean Desjoyaux developed his first pool more than 40 years ago, he envisioned a world filled with comfortable, affordable, easy-care family gathering places. A master mason, Desjoyaux”s first pool reflected his unique attention to detail, his quest for innovative technology and his unwavering devotion to quality.

Today’s Desjoyaux Pools, driven by worldwide success, continues to integrate Jean Desjoyaux’s pioneering ideas into eco-friendly swimming pools in North American backyards.

  • Our Active Permanent Casing system provides a solid, reliable structure made with 100% recycled plastic casing blocks and reinforced concrete. We are so sure of this sound construction that we provide it with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The exclusive, compact Pipeless Filtration system is easy to maintain, uses less energy than traditional filters, requires no backwashing or wastewater, reduces water and chemical consumption – and gives you a crystal clear pool.

Thanks to our advanced technology and manufacturing processes, your Desjoyaux pool can be installed in about 15 days – unlike traditional pools that often take 8-12 weeks – and comes with a 10-year product guarantee. So you’ll be in your pool sooner, enjoying it worry-free for years to come. Just as Jean Desjoyaux envisioned.

You can contact Desjoyaux Pools at: (770) 225-0825